Nasi mentorzy podczas zajęć wspierają również miękkie umiejętności

Four necessary soft skills of a young innovator:



We teach how to ask questions and not just how to answer them. Questions that can change current situations.


We approach each student individually, we talk with our students as if they are our partners. We care about originality and differences of other students.


It is the basis of effective communication. Inventors don’t work alone, you should be able to share ideas.

Effective communication

Working on common projects should involve sharing thoughts and ideas. Achieving this goal is possible if we connect all the pieces together. We have students who work individually, in pairs, and groups of 4 or more where everybody works together toward common goals.


In Little Bit Academy through play and study, students develop a passion, to which they will find their own way to achieve their goals.

All these methods are mix of best practices of: Waldorfski, Montessori and doctor of education Dr. Tony Wagner of Harvard University.

In practice Little Bit Academy develops skills by creating them through common projects conducted by the DESIGN THINKING


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