Little Bit Academy has been dedicated to informal education of the youngest
generations since 2015. A number of years ago, our team was a part of the project which was aimed at introducing virtual reality to education systems all over the World.

The mission of Little Bit Academy is to change habits connected with the use of new technologies
– from passive to active and creative. This is our response to the public
need arising out of the current quality of IT education in schools – very often IT classes come down to continuous learning how to use office software or Paint.

We have developed our own educational programs which are suited to the needs of young people and to the challenges they will have to face in the future.
We teach the skills and competencies of tomorrow on our extra-curricular courses:
we transfer the most practical knowledge on IT, STEM, gamedev, social responsibility and drones.

The academic communities of the Silesian University of Technologies and the University of Reykjavik, private companies and IT organizations, as well as teachers and students are all engaged in our activity.

The fields in which we educate students are interconnected and make it possible to continue learning up until the moment a young person takes an important decision on which high school or university they should choose, and also to possibly work on their own start-up or game projects.