Unity 3D

Little Bit Academy Classes

Classes dates:

Tuesday 17:00-18:30

Classes description

Classes for students who want to create their own games and not just to play those developed by others. uring the course students will get familiar with: Unity, GitHub, Fork and the basics of C# programming language. We will organize a small game development studio and make our own 3D Android game, which will be created on the basis of a scenario You prepared.

If you enjoy computer games – this module is for you. UNITY – game development classes will make it possible for you to get familiar with Unity engine and the basics of C# programming language. You will become a game developer to create – together with your classmates – your own Android mobile game. Additionally, thanks to cooperation with your mentor and new friends from various countries in the World, you will be able to gain team-working skills and you will learn how to communicate your needs, but first of all you will acquire practical knowledge on how to convert your ideas into reality with the use of the latest cloud-based tools.

What sort of knowledge and skills will you gain?

  1. Getting familiar with and installing the unity3d + android SDK. A new project is installed on a mobile phone.
  2. Working on a new project, figuring out project architecture, the idea, brainstorming, planning the game we want to develop
  3. The concepts of GameObject, component and prefab (in general)
  4. Communication between prefabs, basic stuff you must remember about within C# <<->> unity (GetComponent, MonoBehaviour methods)
  5. Colliding GameObjects
  6. Importing 3d models into the project and initial processing (it is possible to start animation)
  7. Animating 3d models (characters)
  8. Making GameController / GameManager + discussing the concept of Singleton (C#)
  9. C# events, working on logic of our game, GameController communication with objects, reference to scene objects <<->> GameController
  10. Particle effects (rain, running water, smoke etc.)
  11. Sound effects (characters/background)
  12. Google play games – leader boards integration within the game, online boards with results available from all over the World
  13. Unity ads –integration of ads plugin into the game
  14. Touchscreen interface – implementation of control/interface/touchscreen buttons
  15. Publishing the app in Google Play Console

What will you need?

  • Computer with dedicated graphics card
  • Android smartphone
  • Discord
  • Headphones and mic

What sort of tools will be used?

Unity 3D, Visual Code Studio (normally installed with Unity), GitHub, Fork, Audacity, Gimp, Gmail account, Discord

The duration of the course is two semesters, starting from September/October until June, in accordance with a school year calendar

90 minutes once a week (in certain cases the classes may be longer [lb
if agroup deems it necessary to finish their current task)

Monthly cost:

PLN 180/student


Online – Discord

Maximum number of students in a group: 8

Limited number of places available



One-man gamedev studio.
His hobby has become his profession and the way of life